Cybersecurity basics for end users

Cybersecurity basics for end users

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In the digital age, information is power and a source of revenue, so the growth of threats coming from the web is increasing at a tremendous rate. What types of threats are out there on the web, how social engineers gain access to our device information, personal data, bank accounts, etc., what simple steps and behaviors we can take to protect ourselves, our loved ones and our organization. You’ll find all this out in our free online Cyber Security Basics for End Users training, which will be held at Zuum and requires pre-registration


Purpose of the training

The training aims to inform people who are not IT professionals about the different types of cyber attacks that are carried out through social engineering in an accessible language. To inform about good and easy practices to protect us from cyber attacks through social engineering.


What the training involves:

  • What types of malware are there and how to recognize them
  • Phishing attacks, types, how they work
  • What are the golden rules for creating and storing Passwords?
  • Why is two-factor authentication essential and is it sufficient?
  • multifactorial outreach tools
  • Social networks and scams
  • Network security, network types
  • Security of correspondence
  • How to protect your mobile devices
  • Social engineering


Who is the training suitable for?

  • People who work in an electronic environment and want to be more protected
  • People who want to be more informed about the risks of cyber attacks and how to protect themselves and deal with them
  • People working with sensitive information
  • People working from home
  • Company owners and their teams.
  • Company leaders and their teams


Duration – 1 hour


To the speaker:

Mladen Dryankov has over 20 years of experience in IT and software development. This experience is based on a variety of projects and development environments combined with a wide range of industries such as financial sector, chemical and nuclear, green energy, IOT, document management and security. He has a Master’s degree in Organizational Psychology, certification training in Leadership and Emotional Intelligence from Daniel Goleman, certification in Behavioral Analysis and Credibility Analysis for Negotiation and Interviewing from Emotional Intelligence Academy UK.