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Code of Ethics

  1. We will treat all customers with respect and dignity, be respectful, and show full respect for their values, beliefs and goals.
  2. At Flexible Bit, we respect the confidentiality of our clients, their internal information and the information subject to our relationships.
  3. Flexible Bit respects all copyrights, agreements, developments, intellectual property, trademarks and complies with all related legal provisions.
  4. In all cases, Flexible Bit adheres to the highest standards of ethics, integrity, accountability and responsible conduct.
  5. The contractual relationship will be clearly defined and articulated to avoid misunderstandings with obligations of both parties specified.
  6. Flexible Bit requires written consent from clients before invoking their names as a reference.
  7. In any case where there is a possibility of a conflict of interest, the affected party will be notified and further action discussed.
  8. Flexible Bit credibly discloses its status, titles, expertise and experience as
  9. Flexible Bit uses scientifically proven methodologies and all research-based developments