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Transformational Leadership

What is transformational leadership and why is it so important? Transformational leadership produces higher results than other types of leadership. For example, while transactional leadership (managing through rewards, punishments and exceptions) leads to expected results, transformational leadership leads to results that exceed expectations. A significant body of research finds transformational leaders are more effective and […]

Black Friday, the FOMO effect and what is their relationship to cyber security?

Black Friday comes from American culture as it marks the beginning of “Christmas shopping.” This is the day when all retailers announce traditional discounts on products in order to attract customers. The media is abuzz with coverage of angry crowds fighting over the latest products at the shop counters, and happy customers ostentatiously displaying their […]

Whaling / Big Phishing

Of course it is a metaphorical whaling operation, which in reality is the whole operation of designing, preparing and carrying out an attack on a person of high social standard (CEO of a corporation, senior manager, prominent public or simply wealthy person) who has control of a large corporate, property or monetary resource. A wailing […]

Marry Hackmas and Happy NoBreach

When is a business most vulnerable in terms of cyber security and when are cyber attacks most effective? This is a question with many and comprehensive answers. As a co-author and co-owner of a service and a mobile app, I’ve always thought that the moment when someone will play with the service without permission in […]

Employer branding

Employer branding or how to show how good an employer we are and attract quality employees? There are four ways that can be used together for maximum effect. What are they – articles in specialized publications, TV interviews and other PR activities; some of our most powerful channels, namely social networks; our corporate website and […]

Flexible Bit becomes a partner of Zonta Bulgaria in the project “NO to cyber violence against women and children”

  Flexible Bit and Zonta Bulgaria will partner on the project “No to cyber violence against women and children”. The project focuses on the social groups most affected by cyber violence – women and children. The global world in which we live provides many opportunities, but also many threats, with the most affected being the […]