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Organisation of time

Weather is our most precious, non-renewable resource and if we want to treat it with respect, we need to set priorities.

Albert-Laszlo Barabási

Time is our most precious resource and we all have an equal amount of it. Time is a resource we cannot recover once it is over, a resource we cannot buy, so it is important to value it and use it well.

Learning Objective:

To learn to manage our time effectively, to be more productive, to create a more balanced, healthy, fulfilling and happy lifestyle.

  • golden rules for time management
  • identifying the things that are important to us
  • what are our priorities
  • how to be more productive
  • time planning
  • focus
  • time killers
  • effective delegation
  • good habits
  • time management when working with people (subordinates, managers, customers)
Who is this training for:
  • for managers who want to be more productive
  • for managers who want to be more successful but not at the expense of their personal life
  • for people who want to be successful and productive, but a balanced life
  • for c-level managers
  • for employees with many tasks who do not manage within the working hours and often stay extra at work
  • company owners

Duration of training ?

The training is all-day and in-person. If there are enquiries and interest from teams or groups of more than 10 people, it can be held online, at a location of your choice or split into 2 sessions. If you are interested, there is also the option to have the training developed specifically for you or your team’s needs!

Expect us to announce the new date for the course soon!